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Invasive Plants

Invasive Plants that could affect the value of your home

There are many invasive plants that could put off buyers or even cause damage to your home. In this article, Sell My House Quickly will look at two of the most common invasive plants found throughout the UK. We will look at Japanese Knotweed and Horsetail.

Japanese Knotweedjapanese knotweed

Japanese Knotweed was introduced during the Victorian era to line railways. It was used as an easy and cheap form of fence because the bamboo style shoots grow very densely. Not a lot was known about the plant but it could survive and grow in all UK weather conditions. However, it has become an increasing problem throughout the UK. It is invasive and difficult to get rid of and if your property is infested it can quickly cause damage to the infrastructure and leave you with a large bill. You will have to pay to remove the weed or it could mean structural work to rectify walls or foundations.

The reason that this damaging plant causes so much alarm is that it can begin growing again from just a fragment of its root structure or rhizome. These roots are able to grow down as deep as nine feet which means getting rid of any infestation is never just a simple matter of digging it up.

Environment UK have got a handy Japanese Knotweed identification page.


horse mares tail

Horsetail is like the indigenous little brother of Japanese Knotweed. It grows in much the same way with deep roots that can go down to around 5ft deep. It creates a blanket type effect meaning that it can spread laterally underground. This means if your neighbour doesn’t deal with a Horsetail infestation it could spread to your property underground.

The good news about Horsetail is that it is slightly easier to eradicate than Japanese Knotweed. This can be done through successive years of consistent treatment if the problem isn’t too bad. If it has been left to grow unchecked then again, it can be costly to remove and may have caused some structural issues.

The RHS have got a useful guide on Horse tail here.

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