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Free Legals When Selling Your House Quickly

Would you like us to pay for your solicitors fees?

Sell My House Quickly Leeds will pay for your solicitors fees meaning you could sell your house for FREE with our legals package.

What is the biggest cause of delay when you have found a buyer for your house or flat?

The most common reason for a delay in a property sale is the choice of solicitor.

At Sell My House Quickly Leeds, we have access to a nationwide panel of highly efficient solicitors. Sell My House Quickly has used this method of instructing solicitors since 1999 and it is by far the quickest and easiest way to complete the sale on your house or flat. If you decide to use one of the solicitors on our trusted, experienced, and efficient panel of solicitors Sell My House Quickly Leeds will pay for your solicitors fees. This means you will get all the legal work to sell your house FOR FREE. Not only does this mean you can quickly sell your house or flat but, it is extra cash in your pocket to put towards whatever you want!

When a solicitor is instructed on your behalf they will always act in your best interest and advise you towards the solution that is best for you. Therefore, by using a solicitor that is on the Sell My House Quickly panel you can rest assured that you will be receiving independent, private guidance – all for FREE because we will cover the cost of your legal fees!

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