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Average House Prices in Leeds (October 2020)

Average House Prices in Leeds for the end of October 2020

If you want to sell your house or flat then knowing average house prices could be a good place to start. The best place to get average house prices is a property sales website such as Rightmove or Zoopla. But, to save you the time, Sell My House Quickly Leeds will give a very quick rundown for October 2020.SellMyHouseQuicklyLeeds-house3

1.   Rightmove Average House Prices in Leeds

In October 2020, Rightmove reported average house prices in Leeds were £203,025 year on year. The majority of sales by property type were semi-detached houses, which sold for an average price of £209,213. Flat and terraced house prices has switched again since August 2020. Terraced houses achieved £151,246 on average and flats reaching £150,393.

Overall, what you can see according to Rightmove is average house prices have remained fairly stable since the last time we reported in August 2020.

2.   Zoopla Average House Prices in Leeds

In October 2020, Zoopla reported average house prices in Leeds were £216,737. This is quite different to the estimate given by Rightmove but both show an increase in prices compared to August. Zoopla gives some really interesting stats this month showing that average prices have risen 4.54% in three months and 9.26% in twelve months. The average price of flats was recorded as £171,519 and terraced houses stood at £158,583.


There is always some variation in the data provided by big property selling websites such as Rightmove and Zoopla because they will have slight differences in how they collect and analyse their data to give average house prices. However, this can still be an informative guide on where to start with valuing your own house or flat and also, giving you an idea of what is happening in the Leeds property market. If you would like us to give you a FREE valuation on your house or flat contact us today.

Both sources show that we are potentially at the very top of a buoyant market. Other recent data shows that the average house price across the UK exceeded £250,000 for the first time history. This is reflected in local markets in Leeds. It will be interesting to follow where house prices go from here and you can find more information in our blog.Average House Prices in Leeds July 20

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