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Average House Prices in Adel & Wharfedale, Leeds

Where to find average house prices

If you want to sell your house or flat then researching average house prices is a good place to start. The best place to get average house prices is a property website such as Rightmove or Zoopla. But, there are other local Leeds websites and publications that track average house prices by area for you. These publishers get the majority of their data direct from the source of all property data – the Office for National Statistics UK House Price Index . You too, can use this to check out average house prices in Leeds. However, Sell My House Quickly Leeds will give a quick rundown of average house prices in Adel and Wharfedale, Leeds for June 2020.

Sell My House Quickly Adel Wharfedale

Adel and Wharfedale, Leeds

In October 2019, the Leeds Live  reported that the Adel and Wharfedale was in the top 5 for house price growth since 2018. This was a 15% increase in value and added £45,000 to the average property. At that time, Leeds live reported that average house prices in Adel and Wharfdale was £345,000. This is obviously one of the more expensive areas (possibly the most expensive!) in Leeds.

The Yorkshire Evening Post seemed to back up these figures in a more recent article of average house prices by ward area. On 12 June 20, they reported average house prices of £409,995 for properties in Adel and average house prices of £365,000 in Bramhop & Pool-in-Wharfedale. North Leeds especially, has historically held much higher average house prices than anywhere else in the City. Larger 4 and 5 bedroom family homes are always in high demand. Also, wealthier homeowners look for detached properties in the quitter areas to escape inner city life.

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